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Eurotopia project

initiated by Muzicadelic Entertainment

Eurotopia- Background

Our backstory

During 2018-2021 was the Eurotopia-project funded by the Civil Society Empowerment Programme, and funded by the Internal Security Fund, Police Action Fund and the  European Commission. The project was initiated by Cecilia Gärding , the chairman of Muzicadelic Entertainment in 2017. The project gained partners in Belgium and in Italy. The purpose was to highlight four target groups such as victims of terrorism, former extremists who had not committed attacks, heroes working actively against extremism and children and their dreams for the future. This website highlights the work that was done and also markets the Eurotopia--Podcast which will interview Victims of Terrorism and experts working against radicalisation. 

Inititated By
Cecilia Gärding

Preventing radicalization through visual media

Using short films and music videos as counter narratives

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Films from:


The films from Sweden have highlighted the wisdom and knowledge from young and old.  Mr. Emerich Roth tells us the story of his childhood and the factors that lead to radicalization in the 1920s in his village before the Holocaust. In other films, we meet the other end of the spectrum where a former right-wing extremist explains how he became a target of radicalization.

We also created two music viedeos where one song written by Cecilia Gärding was made to honor the victims of terrorism and remind the viewers that we are merely one mutual friend away from becoming friends.The Swedish films that were created are: 1. The film "There is room for all of us" that is about a former right wing extremist that was subjected to death threats after he befriended and immigrant. 2. The film "Game of life" portrays how young soccer players are at risk in getting recruited into extremism due to failures in the sport and family situation. 3. The film " Emerich Roth" portrayed one of the last Holocaust survivors and his work creating to prevent neo-nazism and extremism. 4. The film Youth from Umeå- was created to highlight the opinions of youth to prevent radicalization. 5. The Music video "Spread your wings"  was created to prevent radicalization in schools. 6. The Music Video "I honor you" was created to honor the Victims of Terrorism.  

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Films from


The films from Belgium bring personal stories to the forefront of the people working against extremism through their own experiences of losing a son or a wife to extremism or terrorist attacks. The films from Belgium also speak of the academic and religious experiences of the people on the field that have chosen to make the work against extremism a profession Belgians films were in the majority animated documentary shorts. 1. The film "Jihad for love" portrayed the loss of Lubna, the wife of Mohamed El Bachiri in the Brussels attack, 2016. 2. The film "My name is Salina" highlighted the work of the mother Saliha to prevent radicalization when she lost her son to ISIS. 3. The film "We want politics to unite us" gave a voice to Belgian youth and how they saw we can change the narrative to prevent radicalization. 4. The film "Anti-racism needs to be political" gave a voice to anti-racist thought leaders. 5. The film Take the high road gave the floor to The co-founder of Brussels against racism, named Aimé, speaks of his passion for changing minds and using democratic tools after being subjected to hate crime himself, to change society for the better. 6. In the film "Take the right path in life" an Imam (who wishes to be anonymous)explains his views on what we can do to work against extremism by mentoring youth. 7. In the film "Do you want to be a chess piece?" Prof Jean-Yves Camus explains the reasons into why he today is a researcher of right-wing extremism and why he has chosen this career.

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Films from


The Italian films introduce people that are soccer coaches, police officers, chefs and actors making a difference in their local communities in Rome. These films highlight the commitment of people to work for positive change in the society by solidarity, teamwork and through the importance of conveying the right message. 1. The film "Mirko Frezza´s sense of solidarity": The famous actor from Rome explains how he transformed his life and now is a philanthropist doing social work in his neighborhood Tor Sapienza.2. All for one, one for all! As a colleague of Mirko Frezza, Valerio Costa works with non-profit work to aid youth, migrants and the elderly. As a soccer coach he talks about the importance of the sport to keep youth away from drugs, crime and extremism.3.The film "I can make the difference!" The Afro-Portugese actress Maria de Sousa, talks about her experiences living in Rome as a black woman and how she fights against stereotypes by using cultural tools 4. The film "We need to help young people!" Luigi, the former police officer, speaks of his experiences of criminals with extremist views and what he believes is needed to change. 5.Believe in yourself! Roben, the chef from the suburb Tor Sapienza in Rome,  speaks of his experiences of growing up as the only Muslim in school. 6.The film "Youth from Rome, Italy": Three children from Rome talk about their views and thoughts about how we can work against racism and extremism. 7. The film "Game of life: Italy" portrays a young muslim soccerplayer and the risks getting recruited into extremism, if failing in the sport. 

Meet the Team

A film is not made with one person. It is a collective effort and we are proud to present our current team still working to promote Eurotopia


Our films

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The films below are several of our productions. You are welcome to both share and  download but if you wish to use our films for promotional purposes or educational purposes you can contact Ms Cecilia Gärding

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